• Beware of the Sometimes Symptom-less Lurking Virus: Genital Herpes, But Be Aware of Prevention and Treatments

       If there is one STD you have probably heard enough about to want to avoid it completely, it's Genital Herpes. Well that's the topic today on what it actually is, how you get it, and what you can do once you have it to live a normal, stress free life! 

       The first thing you should know about genital herpes is that, for most people, they don't even know they have it. There is a good chance to  buy orlistat Australia and you won't have any signs that point down and say look at me i'm here! or they might be so mild that you don't even think that they are a serious issue. The first time it does rear it's ugly head in a serious way you will know though, which can be as early as two to twelve days after you have been exposed to and infected by the virus.

        You may experience some pain or tenderness in your groin which may further lead to itchiness while you have an active infection. You may also notice either red bumps or white blisters on your groin as well. If any of those blisters pop and begin to ooze it can actually lead to ulcers as well, which can make it to where you will have a difficult time urinating. And of course once they start to heal it will lead to scabbing and scarring of the infected area. Yeah i know, it sounds pretty bad.

         The first time you ever begin to experience these symptoms, it may also cause you to think you have the flu. aches and pains, swollen lymph nodes, headaches, it really does attack the body pretty maliciously. When you do have an outbreat i cannot stress enough to be careful. This IS still herpes, and herpes can be spread to other parts of YOUR body too. so if you go around scratching where you don't need to be and then scratch another part of your body; cuts, mouth, even your eyes, then you will spread the disease around. And no one wants that.

        There is no cure for Genital herpes, unfortunately, but talk to your doctor anyway. There are a number of treatments and medications that can not only reduce the symptoms that you will experience, but it will make it harder for you to accidentally spread it to those that you love. Remember that Genital Herpes can be spread by sexual contact, so you need to be sure that you are honest and open with anyone that you are in a relationship with. They deserve to know that you have this infection because you were honest and told them that you had it, not because they woke up one morning and realized that you were the one who gave it to them. 

    I got genital herpes because I was hooking up with a dude and he was going down on me and he had a cold sore. I had no idea you could get herpes from that. So that's pretty much the end of my hookup experiences because it's really awkward to tell every guy you're having a one night stand with, hey just so you know, I have herpes. They're awkward enough as it is. Condoms can't protect against that shit and it's for life.

    I don't really miss them honestly, I didn't get much out of them because most ONS guys don't put enough effort into making me cum, in hindsight I have no idea why I was doing it when I didn't enjoy it. Validation maybe? I don't really feel like I'm in this place in my life where I'm ready for a long-term relationship, so I'm basically just masturbating now. Thank god I can't give my hitachi any STDs. 

    Herpes is painful but it's not really as bad as I thought. Flare-ups are every couple months but I can just use topical creams for that. Like I said it's more just the stigma. Everybody has the HSV-1 herpes but they don't realize that and so they treat me like a leper just because I have it in a different place than they do. 

    Aaron Foster

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