• Hair loss on scalp as well as other parts of body such as eyebrows, eyelashes (Alopecia Diffusa)

                                                                                     WHY IS MY HAIR FALLING AND WHAT CAN I DO?


    By the age of 35 more than 50% of men will have experienced hair loss and just 15 years later that number increases to nearly 85%.  Although a permanent solution hasn't been found as of today, there are a few treatments proven to be effective for male pattern baldness and I will tell you all about it.

    Hair loss on scalp as well as other parts of body such as eyebrows, eyelashes (Alopecia Diffusa)

    To best understand what the best treatments like propecia rezeptfrei kaufen are we first should learn about the causes of hair loss itself as it will assist us in finding the right treatment.  Male pattern baldness or as it's called in the medical field Androgenetic Alopecia in most cases starts as a receding hairline at the crown of the heads and overtime develops into complete baldness.  Stress, diet, hormones, medical conditions, and medications can all trigger male pattern baldness amongst men with a genetic predisposition, but it's the male sex hormone DHT (dihydrotestosterone) that seems to be attributed as the biggest contributor to male pattern baldness. Even though DHT is naturally produced in men and has many positive functions an overproduction of this hormone can lead to hair loss. This is because it binds to the healthy follicles and causes them to die. Basically, too much production of DHT suffocates the follicles to where they cannot breathe leading them to die off and eventually falling out and this process is what we commonly refer to as male pattern baldness.  
    The two most common and only approved treatments for male pattern baldness are minoxidil (Rogaine) and finasteride (Propecia). Minoxidil was originally used for the treatment of high blood pressure, but eventually researchers found that it had the side effect of unwanted hair growth in patients taking the medication and that's when it became popular for the treatment of hair loss. As for many other medications the exact ways in which minoxidil works are not completely understood. The drug seems to widen the hair follicle leading to thicker hair growing as well as prolonging the growth period of a hair, which results in longer hair and a higher volume overall. Not only that but when used as instructed, minoxidil has been scientifically proven to be both safe and effective unlike our other available treatment Finasteride which even though effective, arguably even more than minoxidil and certainly more when combining the two, carries several warnings about its use, some of these include, impotence, loss of interest in sex, trouble having an orgasm, swelling in your hands or feet, dizziness, weakness, among others.  Other than these two there is always the option of getting a hair transplant in which essentially the remove hair follicles from the back of the head where they are more resistant to DHT and placing them on the parts of your scalp where the hair loss is occurring. 

    Although, looking in the mirror and seen a receding hairline can be upsetting for some it's good to note that male pattern baldness possesses no risk to health and know that while most people are fine with a receding hairline or just go with the bald look, it's totally fine and understandable to seek treatment if the look just doesn't suits you or for whatever other reasons you might have. Don't forget to always inform your doctor before staring any new medication or treatment.

    My first born experience some thinning and change in his hair pattern as he clock 30 which occurred in a sudden way because it signal an underlying condition which later result in diffuse hair thinning and cause one or more areas of his scalp to become bald. He was very eager and distress to get and recover it back by all means and believed "the greater the loss will be". For he doesn't believe that its one of the natural part of growing older. Until we went to see our doctor and he was told and prescribe to use Finasteride a topical treatment which will be applied to the scalp by rubbing it into his scalp daily to reactivates hair follicles on his scalp so he can regrow thicker, fuller hair for at least six months of treatment is required to prevent further hair loss and to start hair regrowth and and he was told to make time for physical activity every day too. To walk, swim or bike for 30 minutes a day helps balance hormonal levels, besides reducing hair fall and distress too. And to stop wearing his helmet in summer. As the sweat accumulates in the pores can weakens hair roots too and there's changes ever since he has been using the prescription for he has retain benefits and growth

    Koby Horner

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