• Male Pattern Baldness: Does it make men feel older than they are?

    I have been suffering from hair loss for a long time. You know male pattern baldness and if you're like me you have been searching for ways to either cure it and stop it from happening or you have looked for ways to slow it down and make it stop going so fast. Well I will tell you stop washing your hair so much. One reason that your hair keeps falling out is that you keep rubbing your scalp and you keep making hairs fall out and you pull at them. Just leave them be and don't do that. Next watch your diet and ensure you are eating healthy and what you are putting into your body is only beneficial and cannot cause you harm. Also try to stay away from like products that would artificially stop your hair from falling out. If you are already bald and self conscious then just use products that replenish your hair and just use those products that can put hair back on your head that seems to be the best thing to do. Please just if you are bald and worried about losing your hair then another thing to do is just let it happen. I mean when I was losing my hair I of course was worried and scared out of my mind. Scared about what I would look like scared about what others would think of me and I was just worried even my wife would leave me and my kids would not want to be around me. But that is not true at all everyone is supportive of you. Go to the doctor as well tell him or her you are having this issue and you want a solution. They will have it trust me this is a common issue and many men like yourself and myself have struggled with it. I don't think this is worth losing your mind over and I think that once you find the solution and for everyone it is different you will be happy and relieved. But I am telling you just let it happen. Let your hair fall out and wait until you still have some left and use it to replenish your hair by using different products that allow for hair regrowth just by having a little hair on your head left. It is very possible to fix this issue and to be happy again and I promise you will be happy. I am happy now and I went through this years ago and I was able to fix it and now I have a head full of hair again. If there is anything I would recommend propecia 1mg price australia as a number one is to shower less or to just wash your head and hair less. 

    I recently turned 40, and one of the main things that I noticed was that my hair was thinning and it kept falling off everytime I brushed my hair.  I noticed that this also runs in my family, so I figured it was just typical hair loss that my family has experienced in the past.  It seems that more hair is falling off each day when I brush my hair,  so I stopped brushing my hair in general.  I didn't want to take the risk of going completely bald, but my friends recommended me Rogaine, which is only temporary.  I tried Rogaine but the look and feel didn't seem natural at all,  so I just lived with my family genes and am going to just let my hair fall off naturally.  I might look good bald anyway. I am actually considering getting a buzz cut, so I don't really have to worry about hair falling off.  Some guys look pretty good with a buzz cut,  and I think I can pull it off.  I feel that hair loss is a natural and common issue of old age,  so I don't feel too bad about it.  It also saves money from having to go to the barber all of the time as well. 

    Hunter Samuel

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