• Sexually transmitted infections (STIs): Causes and Symptoms

                   so first things first that i get asked a lot, what is the difference between a Sexually Transmitted Infection and a Sexually Transmitted Disease? While they are very similar in context the truth is much scarier. See if you have an STI, in this case the human papillomavirus (HPV), that's one thing - edonlinestore.net. But if this infection one day manifests itself into cervical cancer then it is considered a Sexually Transmitted Disease. Remember an STD always starts out as an STI but not the other way around.

                  Now that you are more familiar with it i would like to discuss something you have probably heard before, safe sex. i know it is not the most popular subject, and it's certainly not the most fun if you know what i mean, but that doesn't make it any less important. And look i am not going to be able to convince you to practice it, because that will always ultimately be up to you, i'm here to make you at least think about it. 


    Sexually transmitted infections (STIs): Causes and Symptoms

                 Probably the best reason i can think of to practice it would be to think of your own family, if you had to imagine them suffering and in pain so much in their life. Until one day they eventually develop an incurable and life threatening disease, and finally passing over into the great beyond all because they wanted one night of fun. It would crush you, it would crush anyone, and surprisingly by age 25 one in TWO people will develop an STI. Fifty percent. Now i don't know about you but i do not want to risk ruining my life with a coin flip for a night of pleasure. i certainly wouldn't want to think about anyone i care about doing the same.

                 And that's the thing! you don't have to risk it, they MAKE condoms for a reason! If you cannot afford them, you can get them for free...seriously. You can be safe and still get your whistle wet and it won't cost you a dime or your life. Go to a planned parenthood center, go to your doctor, go to your local health department, your nurse, heck probably every "dude" on campus would be willing to help out a bro get laid. And it's worth it, what's not worth it is having unprotected sex just "cause it feels a little better" just to find out your junk is going to itch forever. 

                 But you know what the best way to be safe is? Find someone, get to know them, fall in love, get tested, and get married. There is not better way to be safe than to be safe together with your soulmate. The choice is yours of course, but i believe in you to make the choice that is right for you.


    I got Chlamydia when I was 19 years old. I had unprotected sex with a guy I really liked. It was stupid of me...I knew he had a reputation, but I thought we were going to be together forever or some other nonsense. Long story short, I had sex with him and he was done with me. There are a lot of symptoms. At first, I noticed a burning sensation when I urinated. I just assumed it was a urinary tract infection. I had what I thought was a stomach virus...just a general feeling of u wellness. I went to a doctor, who suspected pretty quickly that I had Chlamydia. I was beyond embarrassed. Turns out it's very simple to treat. I was prescribed a short round of antibiotics and advised to not have sex for about a week after I finished the medicine. No problem there...it was a good long time before I felt comfortable enough to have sex with anyone again. The worst thing about the whole experience was just this overwhelming sense of shame and uncleanliness. It was definitely a life lesson that I wish I hadn't had to learn, but it cemented in my head how unsafe unprotected sex is.

    Ryder Quin

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