• The ABCs of IBS: how to diagnose, treatment options available, dietary and lifestyle changes needed

    Irritable bowel syndrome is an illness that effects many. Many people refer to it as IBS in initial form. It begins in the largest intestinal tract. You experience contracts in the intestine that are abnormal. It causes pain and inflammation n the abdomen - αγορα cialis απο φαρμακειο χωρις συνταγη. There can be other first symptoms such as bloating and alternative bouts of diarrhea and constipation in some. Some people experience tiredness and inability to sleep.

    It is rather uncomfortable either way you look at it. There is nothing you can do to get rid of this completely once you have aquired it as it has no real cure. You can control it with various types of medical actions. You will have to go to your doctor and speak with him to make sure you know all the facts and options out there for you first and foremost. No one really knows the cause of it.

    There are things you can do to help minimize it. If you are one to experience a lot of stress then you should try and avoid what is stressing you out. Perhaps have a few sessions of yoga to help your mind feel normal again is the answer. The mind and the stomach often have a connection, therefore if you are stressing in your mind, then your stomach will react. This includes your large intestine as stated. Changing the way you live whenever possible if needed and taking care to not be around those who are making your stress levels rise is the wise thing to do. If it is a particular situation that is bothering you there are ways to avoid those sometimes. Just try to be calm and do things that will help in that area for yourself whenever possible.

    Diet is another way to manage this terrible affliction. My doctor suggested to avoid gluten. It seems to have worked for me. It might be that the gluten irritates the colon lining. If this doesn't work try to experience with other foods and see how they react on you whenever you eat them. Avoid things like to much sugar and dairy for example if they seem to make your symptoms worse, it might be different for everyone. It is almost like an allergy test, you have to pay attention and see what exactly could be the culprit.

    Medications can help as well. I have been lucky to avoid most of those. But your doctor might have some new and improved drugs that can help you deal with your stomach issues. This could even put IBS into remission for awhile if it helps. But you will have to be diagnosed for sure. You probably won't be need many tests at the lab or imaging but whatever your doctor prescribes is best for you.

    How long can this illness be around? As I said before it is not curable. You will have to live with it the rest of your life and get some proper care as needed. You can have it at it's worst for weeks or it can even be longer. It is a chronic disease. It can be controlled. You can rely on it being in remission if yoy tale the proper procedures to try to help yourself.

    I always wondered why I would have problems with eating certain foods. I could eat meats like steak and pork without issue. Dairy didn't much bother me either. But then I would start to hunker down on such tasty sweets and within 30 minutes I would be hit with painful gas and then get a burst of diarrhea that would be unreal. The diarrhea would last for a day and then subside. But I would go back to eating what I usually do and then get hit with it again. This went on for years. Painful gas, explosive diarrhea. Doctors told me it was nothing to worry about, or the "flu", or a stomach virus. I was finally referred to a specialist who suggested I had IBS. Sure enough, with some proper medication to slow down my digestive tract and allow it to process what I ate better, as well as watching what I would eat and when, I have been able to control my IBS for the past 5 years now. For people that are shy or scared to talk about what they deal with, don't be! It will definitely help you out in the long run to reach out for a proper diagnosis and get the help you need.

    - Maxwell Vinson

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