• The Physical and Emotional Side Effects of Infertility

    Female infertility. It is something that is so common and that most people have heard about, but do you know what it is? What causes it? Female infertility is when a female cannot become pregnant after her and the partner have tried for a year or more. Experiencing multiple miscarriages is also a form of infertility in females. But what causes infertility in woman? The top cause of female infertility is that they simply just cannot ovulate. It is so common that it occurs in to around 40% of women who used generic clomid online in australia. The two main stresses that can cause a women to not ovulate is POI and PCOS. Otherwise known as, primary ovarian insuffiencicy and polycystic ovary syndrome. If you happen to be a couple who is trying to conceive, but have been experiencing difficulties, some advice that I would give you would be to keep a record of your menstrual cycle. If you keep track of your periods and your ovulations you can try and pinpoint when the most appropriate time for you to conceive should be. Maintain a healthy body weight. Before over or under a healthy body weight can drastically decrease a woman's chances of becoming pregnant. Lastly, have sex with your partner every other day of your ovulation period. Most woman have an ovulation period that lasts about six days. These days are the five days prior to your ovulation and then the day of. Having sex every other day can increase your chances of getting pregnant by 33%. If none of these are working for you, I would suggest seeking help from a fertility specialist. Upon seeing a fertility specialist will check your ovaries to see if they are functioning properly. They can do this by running a test that lasts three days long. They will also assess your Fallopian tubes. They will do this by performing an x-ray of the outline of your uterus, and the Fallopian tubes themselves, to see if they are open. If you happen to have tubes that are closed off, or blocked, they will likely recommend that vitro fertilization to you and your partner. Lastly, the doctor will perform a test on your partners sperm, if they are male, to see they [the sperm] are a valid reason to the infertility. Aside from the IVF, some other options that your fertility specialist may recommend to you include: artifical insemination, surrogacy, and ovulation induction. artificial insemination is when a woman has an egg donor and it is then inserted into the female and she carries that embryo. Surrogacy would be using your egg and your partners sperm and implanting them into another woman's body who has willing volunteered to carry your child to term. Lastly, ovulation induction is when your ovulation will be stimulated by taking a medication.



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